People love pets because they can bring joy, love, and meaning to the lives of others. Did you know that pets can also influence others and provide them with inspiration? Believe it or not, many music composers received inspiration from pets. Let’s look through some examples so we can see how pets have impacted music.

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin is a renowned pianist known for his ability to create complex pieces in unusual keys. Many of his songs have sadder tones to them, but “The Minute Waltz” takes a happier approach. This makes sense when you consider that the song was created based on a small dog named Marquis.

As per usual, this piece contains many complex chords and fast beats, but it focuses on making the listener feel uplifted and happy. This helps people to experience those same emotions that Chopin felt whenever he would spend time with Marquis. This song does an excellent job of expressing the natural joys of being around dogs.

Maurice Ravel

According to this source, Ravel loved cats and had many of them in his home. It comes as no surprise that he would hear lots of meows in his home among the various cats. This led to the creation of his piece known as “Duo MiaulĂ©”, which imitates two cats meowing back and forth. 

The song has an orchestra playing as two singers imitate a male and female cat meowing to each other. The song feels strange and beautiful. It does a great job of replicating how people feel as they watch two cats meowing to each other. They feel confused, but they still recognize the beauty of the event.

Paul Schoenfield

Schoenfield wrote a piece known as the Four Parables. The last movement is called “Dog Heaven”, which is meant to imitate the chaos and joy of dogs in heaven. Schoenfield wrote this song when he heard about two kids who were struggling because they recently lost their pet.

The song feels chaotic, which is accurate to how dog heaven would be. Dogs love to run around outside and have fun (which, for better or for worse is why it’s so important to stay on top of your dog’s preventative care), so the song mimics this by using fast beats and quickly changing notes. It does have its slow moments that appear out of nowhere, just like a dog that takes a quick nap after running around.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Sometimes, artists need to express the sadder moments in life. Beethoven wrote a piece known as “Elegie auf den Tod eines Pudels”, which discusses the death of a poodle. This specific song starts out sad with the singer putting tons of emotion into the song.

However, the second half of the song takes a happier turn. While people may feel sad when their pets pass away, they can still remember the happy moments. Doing so will allow these pets to live on in the memories of their owners. 


Pets can bring so many emotions to us, so you shouldn’t be surprised by composers who would find inspiration through animals. Due to the pets that these famous composers interacted with, we can experience these wonderful pieces. Remember that pets can be a source of comfort, love, and inspiration to their owners.

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