Month: November 2020

How To Record And Produce Your Own Piano Songs

There will be times when we would wonder how to record and produce your own piano songs at home. In the middle of a quarantine, there is nothing like starting a new skill. This would be something that you will be happy about because it is going to make you feel great about yourself. Music is something that would make the people around you feel a bit better than they already are.

The main thing to do here is to put the piano in such a room that there won’t be any form of background sound so that won’t be heard while the recording is ongoing – particularly if your housemates have pets. Even small electric fan sounds can ruin an otherwise okay type of recording your songs.

Thus, it would be best for everything to be quiet. In addition, better to let everyone know what you are doing so that they won’t barge into your room while you are in the middle of recording songs. That type of task will require your complete concentration so that you will get into the middle of doing things your way.

It won’t be long before you will want to do even more songs when you get the hang of it. You just need to get into the groove of things before the process gets underway.

It would take the help of a music mogul to take your talents to the promised land. Once you make a good audition tape, better send it to a real hit show that takes contestants then turn them into superstars. Yes, there are a lot of shows like that and if you believe enough in your talent then there is nothing wrong with sending your audition tape to them and see what happens from there.

Place the mics in the parts of the piano where the sound comes from so that it can be heard throughout the room. There will be times when you would want to sing too so better wear a lapel so your voice would be heard throughout the entire recording.

Don’t forget to remove the top panel so that the strings will be exposed. If you don’t do that then the people viewing your recording may not recognize the fact that it is a piano song that you are recording. You would not want to go through all that hard work for nothing.

You will want to be in the midst of things that are getting too tough for you so you will want to do something about it. When you make something that you put your heart into, you will be so proud of it that you will upload it into your social media channels. It will only be a matter of time when people share it and people will take notice due to the number of likes and shares it has received. If you are ready for that moment, then you should ask yourself right away if you are ready for what is about to happen next.

How To Add Effects To Your Electric Piano Using Guitar Pedals

When you are a piano enthusiast and you would want to make your songs a lot better than they already are, it won’t be long before you would want to know how to add effects to your electric piano using guitar pedals. It just takes connecting the guitar deal to your piano as there are sockets where you can connect them.

After that, you can use your creativity in thinking of guitar sounds that would make your piano songs awesome. Yes, it will take a bit of time to think about all the possibilities when this happens, you can take it as a sign that it is meant to be.

Believe it or not, a lot of artists did this in the past and they came up with such great songs. It would be no surprise if more would do it in the future so that more hit songs would be made. Perhaps, the best example of this would be Stevie Wonder as he produced a nice song using this very same method.

In addition, you would want to know the style of music that you will want to play so that you can produce songs that will be memorable a few years from now. It would fee great to add effects as you will feel motivated to make even more songs when the time is right.

There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from past songs when it comes to making new ones. After all, a lot of people have already done it. As long as you think you will come up with something worth listening to, then you should just do it out of the blue.

It is important to take the effects into consideration when writing new songs as you will want to put the effects at the right time. That would be a lot better compared to doing nothing at all for the rest of your life. You would feel great about being able to do something useful during the quarantine.

In fact, most artists would experiment with sounds first before incorporating the lyrics into the songs. It is not that hard to make the lyrics as it is something that you will want to get used to when it would be time to take aim at the prize of being pretty famous at the end. You will be proud of yourself for what you accomplished but you wake up and the dream is over. Loren Gold is another keyboardist who uses amazing effects for the Who. Needless to say, it resulted in nothing but success for the band.

If you are someone looking to make it big in this industry, this is seriously something you would want to consider. After all, you will want to lay claim to being the best piano artist of all time. If that is not your goal, then you should not be here. Everyone wants to be the best but only a few can lay claim to something like that.

Tips For Practicing And Improving Your Jazz Piano Skills

When it comes to tips for practicing and improving your jazz piano skills, one thing you must always remember is to do it a little bit slow. Yes, this is not the time to be in a hurry since you will want to learn everything slowly but surely. Also, you must avoid all the distractions that would come with practicing your jazz piano skills.

In fact, it would be ideal to do it in a closed-door so that nobody would be able to come in and suddenly disrupt you from what you are doing. If possible you can also silent your smartphone so that there will be no text messages or calls that would interrupt you from what you are doing. It is never a good feeling to be suddenly distracted and you will suddenly feel like you will need to go back to where you once were. When that happens, you would feel like you lost concentration.

Also, it’s best to practice everything from the voicing and scales up to the improvisation and songs. You are not just practicing one or two of them but all of them until you get them all perfect. Besides, you will want to take note of how you are going to do things your way when the time comes when you would want to perform in front of so many people.

While you are practicing it slowly, you may think about the patience of your audience. Thus, better build up the speed gradually each day until it is at a speed when you think is right for what you are doing to the jazz piano. It may take a lot of time to do this but you will need to be patient so that you will get to perfect it one day. We all know nobody was born to be good at this so you should sit back, relax, and see what you can do in the time given to you.

It won’t be long before you will want to show everyone what you got. In the beginning, you can’t be too confident yet of what you are about to do. The thing here is that you should really be in the midst of doing your daily practice routine. it would be better if you set an ideal time for the practice session and not make any excuses as to why it should not continue.

After all, you would want to be good at it and if it is in your passion to excel then you will even find a way to squeeze it right into your schedule. If that happens, then there is nothing anybody else can do about it. Also, don’t forget to enlist the help of experts who have been there and done that. If you give them the amount that they are seeking then they would not hesitate in trying to help you get over to another side of the road when it comes to being good at playing jazz piano.